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Converter Extender Push Button (RPWL3045A)

Our Converter/Extender/Push Button – RPWL3045A is multi-functional. It does the work of three devices: converter, extender and push button. That makes for a great value.
Setup is simple and easy. Just ensure you have the right wires and follow the step-by-step installation instructions.
Multifunctional converter, extender, push button

Instead of asking “What can it do?” You’ll ask “What can’t it do?” Our Converter/Extender/Push Button has several functions. Let’s start with the obvious. It can function as a push button like any doorbell at the entrance of your home. Next up: it’s an extender. By this, we mean it can extend the range of a wireless chime. Its final function is as a converter working with door contacts, which alert you when a door or window has been opened. It can also convert a wired doorbell push for use with wireless door chimes. It’s quite a device and all the more remarkable given that it’s just one device that does all these things.

  • Multifunctional — converter/extender/push button
  • Satin nickel/black finish
  • Individually coded to avoid interference with other users
  • Self-learning to simplify programming
  • Surface mount
  • Battery included
  • Compatibility: E
  • DIY installation
Can be used as a push button, extend wireless range or perform as a converter for door contacts, and even adapt wired push buttons for use with wireless door chimes
Great Value
Because it does so much, it translates into great value
  • Model number: RPWL3045A
  • Color: Satin Nickel/Black
Setup is simple and easy
Following the step-by-step installation instructions in the resources section below to determine what wires are required and how to install your Converter/Extender/Push Button.


Download PDF
Wireless Converter Extender Push Button Instruction Manual
Model: RPWL3045A
English, French, Spanish

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