Bypass Flow Through Humidifier (HE260A)

Humidify without the inconvenience of maintenance

Maintenance is an inconvenience, especially for a humidifier. That’s why Honeywell’s HE260 Bypass Flow Through Humidifier has its design, to keep the unit clean and decrease the frequency of maintenance. The humidifier also optimizes efficiency and water usage with its PerfectFLO distribution tray. Design and features allow the humidifier to run efficiently with minimal maintenance.

  • Easy mounting on either warm air supply or return air duct of any forced-air furnace
  • Flow-through design helps keep unit clean of microorganisms and decreases the frequency of maintenance
  • PerfectFLO distribution tray optimizes efficiency and water usage
  • Installation video included
  • Drain is required
  • Easy to use humidity control included
  • Installation kit available (sold separately in US)
  • One-year warranty
  • DIY installation
Flow Through Design
Keeps unit clean and decreases maintenance
Easy Install
Compatible with forced-air furnaces. Mount on warm air supply or return air duct
Model/Sku #
Model number: HE260A
Replacement Pads
Looking to order a replacement humidifier pad, air filter, UV bulb or more? You can order from one of our Authorized Online Dealers: Air Mechanical or Air Quality Honeywell Store

Bypass Flow Through Humidifier

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Absolutely. Bypass Flow Through Humidifiers release water as pure vapor, which doesn't create any problems with an Electronic Air Cleaner. Avoid mounting misting or spray type units on the return air plenum with an electronic air cleaner because the mixture of water and electricity could be an issue.

The Prestige IAQ thermostat kit can control humidification, dehumidification, ventilation, heating and cooling. The RCH9310WF, RCH9300WF, TH8732WF and the TH8732WFH can control humidity as well as heating and cooling. The H6062, H8908 and DG115 control a humidifier but not heating or cooling.

Look for the humidifier model number on the white SKU label that's either attached on the bottom or on a side of the humidifier. The model numbers begin with "HE" for bypass humidifiers and "HM" for steam humidifiers.
The replacement pads are available at most home improvement retailers, online retailers, and your local heating and cooling contractor. Please click on the links below to:
Honeywell recommends replacing pads once every season.
Industry experts (ASHRAE) recommend optimal Relative Humidity (RH) at between 40-60% RH on an average annual basis and 35% during the heating season in dry climates. Too little humidity can leave the body vulnerable to viruses and bacteria and can cause woodwork in your home to shrink and crack. On the other hand, too much humidity creates ideal conditions for mold and mildew growth. If you notice condensation on your windows, lower the setting on the humidistat.
Honeywell recommends a minimum distance of 3 feet between a UV light and plastic fabricated devices (such as humidifiers and non-fiberglass media filters)
A flow through humidifier can be used on a hard water supply, but the pad may need to be replaced more frequently because of possible buildup of minerals diminishing its ability to operate normally. If there is access to a water softener, then it is recommended that the water coming to the humidifier passes through the softener first.
Please verify the model number of the humidifier pad. If the model number is HC26P, then these humidifier pads do not need to be orientated in a particular direction for proper operation. The model number for these pads would be available on the carton.
There are a variety of factors that can affect the level of humidification that can be achieved. The first consideration must be to proper sizing of the humidifier. Please verify that the Humidifier either the HE220 or the HE225 fits your home’s size and how tightly constructed your home is. House construction and the maximum area the (HE220/HE225) can adequately humidify: Loose - 750 Square Feet Average - 1500 Square Feet Tight- 3000 Square Feet Please also verify that there are no mineral deposits on the humidifier pad. Accumulations of mineral deposits on the humidifier pad can affect the ability of the pad to hold water. Change the humidifier pad if necessary. Please be aware that colder outdoor temperatures limit the amount of humidity that can be added to your home without resulting in condensation on the windows. The more the heat runs the more that this will dry out the air passing through a furnace or a heat pump application. If after considering the above factors, you still feel that you are not achieving adequate humidity levels in your home, please consult your local heating and cooling contractor.
The HE220 and the HE260 Bypass Flow - Through Humidifiers provide flexibility in installation location. The ideal location for a humidifier to be mounted is on the warm air supply, if this is not possible due to space restrictions, Honeywell's bypass flow - through humidifiers can also be installed on the return duct. This is because the air will travel from high pressure to low pressure. When the humidifier is installed on the supply duct, the by-pass duct should run to the return. When the humidifier is installed on the return duct, the by-pass duct should run to the supply. Honeywell encourages you to purchase the installation kit, which includes all of the components needed for installation, including the Bypass Duct. The installation kit is part number 32005847-001, and should be available at most home improvement retail stores.

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