Add your TCC Wi-Fi thermostat to the Honeywell Home app

Now, you can add your Total Connect Comfort (TCC) Wi-Fi thermostat to the Honeywell Home app, so that everything is in one place.

  1. Download the Honeywell Home app
  2. Create a Honeywell Home account, or log in if you already have one
  3. At the bottom of the dashboard, tap the grey add symbol
  4. Tap Import Thermostat from TCC
  5. You’ll be able to select all TCC Wi-Fi thermostats that you’d like to control in the Honeywell Home app

The dashboard
Easily control all of your devices seamlessly from one screen

Improved usability
We've done extensive testing and created a simpler and easier to use app

Push notifications for TCC thermostats
Know when a problem is detected with your home’s system

Intuitive control
Updated design lets you easily control the temperature, mode, fan, humidity, and weekly schedule.

Our ever-growing family of smart devices—security cameras, thermostats, water leak detectors—work together through the intuitive Honeywell Home app to help you keep your home and family comfortable and connected.


Frequently asked questions

Which TCC thermostats are compatible with the Honeywell Home app?
All TCC Wi-Fi thermostats are supported. RedLINK and non-connected thermostats are not supported in the Honeywell Home app.

Can anyone on my account complete the import?
The TCC Location Owner needs to add the device, but any Honeywell Home user can control the device once it’s been added.

Can I use the same username and password to log into Honeywell Home app?
Your username and password will be separate between apps. If you don’t already have the Honeywell Home app, you’ll need to create a new account to import your devices.

Can I register a new TCC thermostat to the Honeywell Home app?
First, you’ll need to follow the registration process online at Once it’s set up online, you’ll be able to download the Honeywell Home app and import your TCC thermostat.

Will my TCC devices be able to use geofencing technology once they’ve been imported?
No, geofencing will not trigger any changes on TCC thermostats. The Round Smart Thermostat and T-Series Smart Thermostats do include geofencing technology.