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The Best Use of Your Smartphone: Home Security

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10 Reasons Smart Home Security Is the Right Choice for Your Family
Choosing a home security system for your family is no easy task. These days, there are so many options out there—how will you know which one is the best to protect what is most precious to you? Here are the top ten things you should consider when choosing your own smart home security system.
7 Smart Home Hacks for Simplifying This Holiday
Nick Dalsin, Director of Strategic Partnerships talks about his favorite solutions to juggle the to-do list and keeping your home comfortable this season.
Why You Need Home Security at the Place You’re Leasing or Renting
Even when you’re leasing or renting, it’s important to protect your place and everything inside it. But when you’re renting a house or an apartment, the last thing you might be thinking about is a home security system
Why Home Security is Necessary When You Live in the City
Living in the city can be a lot of fun—there’s always a new restaurant to try or an event coming up. But there are downsides too, of course, like the traffic downtown and the seemingly constant sound of cars honking.
Smart Home Security Is the Right Choice to Make This Year— And Here’s Why
Choosing a home security system can be overwhelming—there are so many options out there these days, how will you know which one is the right one for you and your lifestyle?
Gadgets to Protect Your Gadgets: Securing Your Geekdom
With smart home technology on a meteoric rise in the public consciousness, your home is getting smarter…and more crowded. It seems like a cutting-edge new gadget comes out every day, and it can be tough to decide which ones to buy. And, well, sometimes you end up with a lot of devices around the house.
Investing in a Second Home? Then Invest in Smart Home Security, Too
You finally decided to buy that second home you’ve been considering since the kids moved out. Well, now they’ve flown the coop and it’s time for you to start making your home away from home.
DIY Doesn’t Mean “Do It All Yourself”: 10 Reasons Moms Need Smart Home Security
As a mom, you need to protect your family and your time. You need a straightforward, hassle-free home security system. Smart home technology is the perfect solution. —and here are 10 reasons why:
The Smart Solution for When You Miss Your Dog
If you have a fur-baby in your life, then you know how important their happiness and safety is to you. Your dog instinctively protects your home, but who protects your dog when you’re away?