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Wave of Adoption: Resideo's Head of Consumer Products Discusses Tech Trends

Author: Sarah Reckard
Published: January 29, 2019

Gnaw on this for a minute... we're living in an era where the pace of consumer adoption will never be this slow again. That's crazy to think about!

Consider the evidence. It took several decades for the telephone to reach 50 percent of households, beginning before 1900. Nearly 100 years later, in 1990, it took less than five years for cellphones to accomplish the same penetration. And recent innovations, like smart watches and tablets, are being adopted at an even faster pace.

While speed-to-market is important, since consumer expectations change with each new technological advancement, manufacturers also need to offer more than just neat gadgets.

On the latest episode of Cheddar @ Home, Resideo's Vice President and General Manager of Consumer Products, Jen Bonuso, discusses why the company's Honeywell Home products will help deliver a smarter, simplified home, and will continue to be THE full solution provider for the smart home.

"Resideo's offerings don't just offer a personalized smart home; they offer a home that starts working for you," Bonuso said. "Whether its solutions purchased at retail or through one of our more than 100,000 professional contractors, Resideo's Honeywell Home solutions are there for the customer when they need us."

Resideo's heritage brand is valued in more than 150 million homes around the world, and traces its roots back to a ground breaking invention in 1885. Which is just about the time another inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, founded American Telephone and Telegraph Company (that later became AT&T) and changed the course of communication and the home forever.

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