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Cheddar Series

Which Voice Assistant is Right for You?

Resideo's Director of Partnerships sounds off on voice assistants.

Author: Nick Dalsin
Published: February 5, 2019

As consumers continue to look for solutions that make life easier and more effortless, voice assistants have taken convenience to the next level. So, it's not a surprise that by 2022 smart speakers with voice assistants are expected to be in nearly 50 percent of U.S. households.

Anecdotally, when people learn I work at a company that helps simplify the smart home experience, one of the No. 1 questions people ask me is: 'which voice assistant should I buy?' My advice is always, 'it depends.' I suggest to look at the products you already have, the services you subscribe to, and how you think you'd use the voice assistant. Of course, I'm always quick to point out that whether you're a Google family, and Apple family or an Alexa family, our Honeywell HomeTM ecosystem will integrate seamlessly with them all – from your morning routines to your bedtime rituals.

Recently, I sat down with the folks at Cheddar and discussed the latest trends in voice assistants. Check it out the latest Cheddar @ Home episode, to learn how to select and customize your voice assistant to meet your unique lifestyle and preferences.

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