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Smart Home Devices are in Demand in the Spring

Author: Sarah Reckard
Published: April 21, 2019

Spring gives way to many new things – new flowers, new smells, bright blue skies full of sunshine and sometimes, new smart home tech. But new doesn’t always have to mean having to “do it yourself” (DIY). Just as you may hire a landscaper to care for your yard or bring in a designer to offer fresh ideas for the house after a long winter, choosing the right smart home tech is streamlined with the expertise of a professional.

Time – and some projects – can become daunting, fast! It might be best for you to consider a professional to "do it for me"/DIFM. For instance, the smart home: it’s booming and forecasted to include nearly 1.3B devices...and that's in just the next three years. In fact, a recent survey conducted on behalf of Resideo by YouGov found that:

- The top three items people are most likely to purchase in 2019 are: an outdoor camera, a smoke/CO detector and a whole-home security system.

- 66% of people surveyed said they would prefer their whole-home security system to be professionally installed versus installing it themselves and 58% said the same about a smart thermostat.

- 60% of the people surveyed would prefer a product be professionally installed, because 42% believe it would be installed right and work better and 39% worry they would make a mistake and install it incorrectly.

Smart Home Devices are in Demand

Professional, DIFM services are in demand all over the home. That doesn’t mean DIY is a rarity, though. And when it comes to the smart home, Resideo and its Honeywell HomeTM brand have numerous solutions ready for both DIFM and DIY spring projects.

*All figures are from a survey conducted by YouGov Plc., on behalf of Resideo Technologies, Inc. Total sample size was 2,597 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between Dec. 27, 2018- Jan. 2, 2019 by YouGov Plc. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all U.S. adults (aged 18+). More at

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